Friday, May 3, 2013

Time Management and blah

I thought that I would have loads of time to write blog posts, once the internship starts. I have been proved wrong. Well, not exactly. I do have time, but I don't know how it just flies off!
I have been reading this book, Getting Things Done and I must say, it is great. If you want to get things done by yourself, then this is the book. If  you want to organize all your stuff etc, this would be a good start.
With the added responsibilities in my life, this is helping me.

Now all that apart , I wonder if this is how life would be once you start working in an office.
I have no clue how 4 months have passed already. But I am glad that I have some significant memories to take back. :)
I have been reading Steve Job's book and it just never ends!
Super Freakonomics was awesome! The facts and the way they were presented. Amazing.
The Zahir was a soul healer. The zig zag way? No comments.
That was 3 book reviews in short. :P
Also, here  is a fun event with the Engineering team :D
P.S: This is one thing crossed off my "inbox".

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  1. Indeed, time just flies off. I wonder how people on higher posts with bigger responsibilities manage themselves and their time.