Thursday, April 24, 2014

Not in the zone

I don’t know what is going on with me. But I don’t think I am in the zone. A bit unsettling it feels. It has been ages since I even paid attention to my feelings and emotions. Or did I decide to not care as much? I don’t know.
I went for a run today. I pushed my pace but it was humid!
Well, I was here (in my “lab”) all day. Maybe it was because a crappy piece of writing that I produced. My first ever cover letter. I knew it sucked and I couldn’t do much about it. I am not the kind of person who writes and then rewrites and reads. You get it I suppose. No flow. No sync.
All I need is some work to happen. Some progress to make sure there is a glint in my eye. And writing helps. Always. ☺

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

While on the go at Stanford

Before things would evaporate from my head(Mind you, it is pretty hot and humid here in Chennai), I have been bullied by a friend to pen down my experiences.
It was a very common sight to see people of all sizes and shapes(mostly fit) running, cycling, skateboarding, playing! Well you get it? They are into fitness. I saw a group of guys who were running super fast and they were conversing at that pace! A lot of girls were in those nice cute Nike shorts and I got 2 of those for myself too. I wish I to soon wear them here as well!
I ran there on the campus. A proper 60 minute run. It was cold(for me at least). Started at 8 pm. The terrain was fun with mild ups and downs all through. I started by taking right at every major turn till I was on the main road. My first stop was GSB! People in formals and black dresses everywhere. Typical I say. And then I came across the lake(which is dry now) road. Also saw the various engineering buildings etc where we used to go in the day for various sessions.
I gradually started drifting from the parts of the campus that I was familiar with and ventured into unknown territories. I reached a road which didn’t have lights though it was a main road! My cell phone flash light was on. The cyclists there need to have flash lights for their bicycles. I followed suit, though I was on my feet. I mostly used the bicycle lane as the footpath(where most of the runners were running and cruising!) was not suitable for running barefoot.
I saw the stem cell research lab(I think) and several other buildings. The sky looked like this huge dome with stars spilled everywhere. It was such a wonderful sight and I felt free. There I was! Running on some continent. Thousands of miles away from home. Thinking of all people at home(here, India). I was very inspired by a lot of things and thought about how we could make our place reach global standards.
Suddenly, a lady pulled her car aside and asked me if I was okay. I was startled. I thought she would shout at me or something. She was super sweet and asked if I was okay as I was running without my shoes! She also offered to drop me at GSB(I asked for directions). But then I didn’t want to stop running. I finally found the Hoover tower which meant I was close to my destination.☺
It was a bit weird to see cars stopping as soon as they saw pedestrians. Very very few 2-wheelers. Lot of people using their feet.
The fun run ended where I started. 57 minutes it was. So I just went elsewhere and came back in 3 minutes. Fine, it felt good to sprint in the end and complete it on a high note!
A wonderful sandwich was waiting for me. Also, I had to walk some 1 mile to reach the place where my team was working. Yes, it was super cold and I almost froze. Something else was also in store for me. Friends who wanted to hear about my trip. This post is dedicated to one such friend ☺

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Hostile is the word

So as my Facebook wall and twitter posts say, I was at Stanford for a summit. Yes, one full week!

And needless to say, it has changed me. Made its mark in my otherwise normal (I doubt though) life. I will blog about various experiences in some days, I hope.

The most remarkable difference when I landed here was that I didn't feel about insti like I felt before. It didn't feel home. The people seemed a bit far. Something was amiss. It was very difficult to accept this whole change in scenario because insti was my second home. Home away from home.

I was generally telling my experience to people and in every conversation, I found myself telling others(and to myself) that I found the atmosphere over there very friendly. Smiling is such a small thing and the impact it has! :)
Be it the lady who helped me at the train station to get a ticket or the random guy who tried talking to me in Hindi(Oh yes, he was cute!). It felt very warm.

As I was confessing these to a friend, he uttered the word- Hostile. Hostile is the word. People tend to get worked up and express their frustration by being hostile.

If I could say something, it would be to smile and let it go! :) Being cheerful and active always helps and I just conducted an experiment to validate this claim. Challenge me if you wish to.

P.S- I am not generalizing. I am no one to judge. These are just my opinions. All said and done, I love my insti for what it has made me. For the friends and foes, for the memories, for the opportunities, for showing me what reality is.