Sunday, June 16, 2013

Rhythm on the run

As I was running on the downhill, another girl came and joined me. I thought she would be one of those speedsters who would overtake me. I was wrong. We ran for almost a kilometre, which seemed endless, when we began talking. We were totally in sync in some time. Pacing down the downhill roads, waiting at water stops, smiling and posing for pics(got loads of them where I look pathetic and tanned!). I did not have music, neither did she. We were breathing in rhythm 2:2. For the first time I paid attention to it. It felt good. 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Fire on the mountain, Run run run!!

I know you might be feeling that all(or at least most) of my posts are about running. Well, yes, maybe.But that is because running teaches you so many lessons.
One of the biggest lessons is appreciation and being down to earth. No matter how fast others might be, they don't mock your pace. They know that you will get there. They appreciate that you have got past the laziness and have donned your shoes. They know what it takes to be out there and challenge yourself!
I have been participating in quite a few events here in Bangalore. Every event, I have seen these super fast runners who finish and come back to pace the finishers. They cheer you up :) It is in those moments you realise how a little bit of cheering and appreciation can make a difference.

Here is a pic from Anandayana 2013, where these little kids were cheering all the runners! "Fire on the mountain, Run run run!!"