Friday, April 13, 2012


.. by people, teachers, friends, family ( and sometimes clothes). Rejection is painful. Greater the importance you attach, greater is the pain. It may be piercing-the-heart-pain or watery-eyes-gone-red pain. PAIN is pain.
We can’t do anything about how others imposepain upon us. YES, we can do a lot about how we take the pain :) How we react.
There are a lot of solutions out there. A LOT.  Jot them down and you will realise how creative you can get!
Give up the problem and enjoy whatever you have or fight back and get what you want. Speak up. Share or simply, write. (Just the way I am doing) :)
Well, reactions depend on the situation. I agree. And yes, being on the receivers end teaches a lot. What not to do, what not to say etc. Above all, how not to hurt others. It helps us in transforming to better individuals.
I shall forever keep in mind that I will never reject people the way I have been (Interviews, team formations etc)
I will try not to put people in the situations I have experienced.
Lessen the pain, Increase the joy. Pump up your enthu!
This is the least you can do for yourself :)

Something which my mom always says and which is true in many situations:

There is something better always in store for you. It is all about how you see it. :)

[wrote it on the day I was rejected for an intern. Later got a call from the same place and they took me in :) ]

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Realisations 1.0

1.Being hurt by someone is as short lived as you want it to be. Let it not change your way of living.
Atleast try not to turn into a sad,miserable person. That is one of the worst things you can do to yourself.

2.Things are never the way we anticipate them to be. So just be prepared for everything.
3.Victory is measured by your strength. Not by your achievements.  
Set your standards.Be your judge.

4.Stop expecting anything. No one would exactly know what is on your mind. Whatever they do will cease to make you happy as you have pre-conceived expectations!
 Well, the above are some lessons I have learnt time and again (thanks to my stupidity). We have a lot of people telling us the same things in different ways. Be it mythology or philosophy or a close buddy's counseling session. But still, I come across a lot of situations where I want someone to tell those to me. Now that I have written them, probably I will stop "expecting" someone to tell me :)