Thursday, May 22, 2014

Why can’t you? Get there.

It hurts when people just fling dialogues. I can’t do that. I can’t do this. Why can’t you? Have you given enough thought? Did you ask those 5 whys? Did you get to the bottom?Often we realise that the things that are being a road block are quite different from the actual problem. This is where the “Why” framework comes into picture. Ask. Ask again till you get to it.
I am trying to work on this aspect and try every now and then to take up challenges. Stretch your boundaries and venture into new things.
I have realised that I have placed a lot of limitations on myself based on very random things. I have learnt not to do that again. Never ever again. We tend to overlook so many opportunities as we conveniently blinfold ourselves. Recently I saw this old lady who was driving a 2-wheeler. It made me feel so good and proud. At the same time, I was filled with regret for having this unknown fear in me. Fear to try new things at times.
It hurts to see 20 somethings say that they can’t get up and walk a mile or two. Is it laziness? Is it lack of discipline? Self doubt?
Push your limits. Always. Get as far as you can. Enjoy the kick you get out of it. Well, why not? :D

23 or 38!

After the successful Bangalore trip, I boarded a KSRTC bus. And there was this lady beside me. Well, each seat had a TV screen. The image on my tv screen was mirror imaged and the one on her screen was upside down! Just like our lives, she said. That is how the conversation began. We discussed about the culture in Bangalore and the culture in Chennai and culture in general. We spoke about the sense of belongingness. We spoke about the sky. She spoke about Colorado. I spoke about my first trip abroad. We spoke about dating guys. She told me her story. Well, I didn’t have anything much to say. We spoke about running! And pets.
We spoke about a lot of things. It felt very warm because I could connect with her. It was a great experience talking to her as I learnt quite a few new things. Her open mindedness just numbed me for a while.
She is an entrepreneur. She was bubbling with energy which made me reflect on myself. Life is a long journey. Just keep moving. Do what you want to. Pursue your passion. Have some hobbies. Above all, just keep moving. Don’t you want to be happy and excited? Would you want a dull life, ever? I think she made me realise that it is all in our hands and it totally depends on how we handle various situations. Life can get very painful. It is not fair. But it does let you take charge and be happy.
Doing new things ticks people. The kick one gets out of it is awesome. I have resolved to myself that I would never let myself stagnate in this journey. When there is so much to do, how can one say that life is boring? It is definitely not all about having a partner or having all the money, right?

Monday, May 5, 2014

Freed um?

I feel free. I don’t know why. Maybe because I know I will be staying in this heavenly place a bit longer. Maybe because of the songs playing in these tiny earphones. Maybe because I ate chocolate. Maybe because of people and room cleaning and clothes washing and what not. Maybe because I got high on the awesome smell of Oregano. Maybe because of YOLO and “carpe diem” (sophisticated according to some). Maybe because of sitting in this big room all by myself. Maybe because I can browse through my past and not feel bad. Maybe because my stay here is nearing an end. Maybe because I made this post about me inspite of a couple (or many more) of friends giving me all sorts of tags. ☺