Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Read, reflect and maybe, run!

I read this article on Medium.
"Whatever problem you’re facing right now, somewhere in the history of mankind, someone probably much smarter than you has written about it. Save yourself the trouble and learn from those who have already figured it out."

Those words right there made me so happy. The reason? I thought about something like that an year or two back. And it felt good to see someone write about it.

I have been spending time reading and customizing my feeds. I have ignored books this month, but I will get back. Very soon. I find reading as a very interesting task. It really connects you to who you are and obviously connects you with some great minds.

Writing helps you in clearing your mind. Remember all those times when people motivated you? times when you made others happy? instances where you put some awesome arguments and philosophy? Jot them down, I say. You may or may not read them later in your life. But you know, just have them there. Reflect.
Also, it is a stress reliever. It is a way of emptying your head with those thoughts. Thoughts that keep bothering you. Thoughts that need attention and thoughts that are just there. Write them down and you will feel lighter.

Talking about feeling lighter, exercising is another way. What challenges you physically and makes you feel accomplished?
I have running and swimming on my plate. The running target for Feb is making me go out there and run. Be it a 2k or a 10k.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Let go?

Getting stressed, frustrated about work that didn't happen, random excuses and what not!
We all have those bouts of guilt. 
I was down with cold and didn't run or exercise for quite a while. It made me mad at myself. I was being very unproductive. All other work was getting affected. Thanks to the negative aura that I was generating. 
In these situations there are few things that can be done-
1. Get out and get your work done.
2. Put peace and accept the current situation.
3. There are more "temporary" fixes which we all do. 
Options 1 and 2 seem to have their own advantages(and disadvantages). See what works best for you. Realising that you are in this situation itself is a big deal. More than half of the problem is solved. Just then and there. Why? Your mind starts working and tries to reach the state of comfort.
My mind told me to just accept what is going on and to go with the flow. Maybe it is also because of the abundant free time. 
Talking of free time, I have a couple of hobby "projects". No deadlines. I am sketching/doodling. I have some small targets on the running front.
But deep down, I know, something is missing and I am looking out for it. 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Paths and Destinations

 "Yesterday, there was this snail going on the road. SiZHky picked it up and placed it elsewhere. It took a moment or two and then kept crawling and running. You know, it panicked. So maybe it tried to run.
What if a giant picked you and put you in Mongolia? What would you do? You are already in Mongolia now, aren't you? The human brain and its ideas. Amazing. Do you panic when your mind wanders? How do you feel when it goes places? Does it fill you with excitement? How active are you?
The more I think, the more alive I feel. So much is there to not feel bored. Yet we feel bored. Ah, these chain of thoughts. "
I penned this in my zimlog around 2 months back. I tried to connect with those emotions and it felt different. Good different or bad different? Mixed emotions maybe. I felt a bit sad for the snail, that day and today.
Did it lose its way? Did it go back home? Or was it trying to get away? Was it just wandering?
It makes me wonder how people change our paths. All the detours and roads not taken.

Writing helps. It lets you peek into the past and helps you reflect. And so do photos!