Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Read, reflect and maybe, run!

I read this article on Medium.
"Whatever problem you’re facing right now, somewhere in the history of mankind, someone probably much smarter than you has written about it. Save yourself the trouble and learn from those who have already figured it out."

Those words right there made me so happy. The reason? I thought about something like that an year or two back. And it felt good to see someone write about it.

I have been spending time reading and customizing my feeds. I have ignored books this month, but I will get back. Very soon. I find reading as a very interesting task. It really connects you to who you are and obviously connects you with some great minds.

Writing helps you in clearing your mind. Remember all those times when people motivated you? times when you made others happy? instances where you put some awesome arguments and philosophy? Jot them down, I say. You may or may not read them later in your life. But you know, just have them there. Reflect.
Also, it is a stress reliever. It is a way of emptying your head with those thoughts. Thoughts that keep bothering you. Thoughts that need attention and thoughts that are just there. Write them down and you will feel lighter.

Talking about feeling lighter, exercising is another way. What challenges you physically and makes you feel accomplished?
I have running and swimming on my plate. The running target for Feb is making me go out there and run. Be it a 2k or a 10k.


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  2. I shared the same thought with my friend a couple of days ago.. "If you are facing a problem, some one, some where would have got through it, so try to learn same thing instead of being panicked." Feels good to see the same thing.