Thursday, February 20, 2014

Let go?

Getting stressed, frustrated about work that didn't happen, random excuses and what not!
We all have those bouts of guilt. 
I was down with cold and didn't run or exercise for quite a while. It made me mad at myself. I was being very unproductive. All other work was getting affected. Thanks to the negative aura that I was generating. 
In these situations there are few things that can be done-
1. Get out and get your work done.
2. Put peace and accept the current situation.
3. There are more "temporary" fixes which we all do. 
Options 1 and 2 seem to have their own advantages(and disadvantages). See what works best for you. Realising that you are in this situation itself is a big deal. More than half of the problem is solved. Just then and there. Why? Your mind starts working and tries to reach the state of comfort.
My mind told me to just accept what is going on and to go with the flow. Maybe it is also because of the abundant free time. 
Talking of free time, I have a couple of hobby "projects". No deadlines. I am sketching/doodling. I have some small targets on the running front.
But deep down, I know, something is missing and I am looking out for it. 

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