Thursday, May 22, 2014

Why can’t you? Get there.

It hurts when people just fling dialogues. I can’t do that. I can’t do this. Why can’t you? Have you given enough thought? Did you ask those 5 whys? Did you get to the bottom?Often we realise that the things that are being a road block are quite different from the actual problem. This is where the “Why” framework comes into picture. Ask. Ask again till you get to it.
I am trying to work on this aspect and try every now and then to take up challenges. Stretch your boundaries and venture into new things.
I have realised that I have placed a lot of limitations on myself based on very random things. I have learnt not to do that again. Never ever again. We tend to overlook so many opportunities as we conveniently blinfold ourselves. Recently I saw this old lady who was driving a 2-wheeler. It made me feel so good and proud. At the same time, I was filled with regret for having this unknown fear in me. Fear to try new things at times.
It hurts to see 20 somethings say that they can’t get up and walk a mile or two. Is it laziness? Is it lack of discipline? Self doubt?
Push your limits. Always. Get as far as you can. Enjoy the kick you get out of it. Well, why not? :D

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