Thursday, April 17, 2014

Hostile is the word

So as my Facebook wall and twitter posts say, I was at Stanford for a summit. Yes, one full week!

And needless to say, it has changed me. Made its mark in my otherwise normal (I doubt though) life. I will blog about various experiences in some days, I hope.

The most remarkable difference when I landed here was that I didn't feel about insti like I felt before. It didn't feel home. The people seemed a bit far. Something was amiss. It was very difficult to accept this whole change in scenario because insti was my second home. Home away from home.

I was generally telling my experience to people and in every conversation, I found myself telling others(and to myself) that I found the atmosphere over there very friendly. Smiling is such a small thing and the impact it has! :)
Be it the lady who helped me at the train station to get a ticket or the random guy who tried talking to me in Hindi(Oh yes, he was cute!). It felt very warm.

As I was confessing these to a friend, he uttered the word- Hostile. Hostile is the word. People tend to get worked up and express their frustration by being hostile.

If I could say something, it would be to smile and let it go! :) Being cheerful and active always helps and I just conducted an experiment to validate this claim. Challenge me if you wish to.

P.S- I am not generalizing. I am no one to judge. These are just my opinions. All said and done, I love my insti for what it has made me. For the friends and foes, for the memories, for the opportunities, for showing me what reality is.

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