Saturday, March 2, 2013

Engineers go for a field visit

So we went to Bijapur. 520 kms from here. 6 of us. The boring part ends here.
It was such an insightful trip. We split into 2 teams each having a Kannada speaker. Yes, it was me for one group!

We met 2 users. One of them stays ~45 kms away in a tiny village. Just 4 "houses" around theirs. We received such a warm welcome. As soon as we sat down, after washing our legs, the mother placed her 3 months old baby in my lap. Wow! Never did I hold such a small baby. She was wearing a new frock as "doctors" from Bengaluru were visiting them. They offered us some lemons and made poha.

The whole feeling can't be explained in mere words. The looks on their face, the happiness, the gratitude can never be forgotten. It is a feeling which one should experience. The whole visit has strengthened my resolve to contribute to the society. To work for the bottom of the pyramid. They shared their feelings and the connection we made, would last forever.

Good old Embrace diaries. 

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