Thursday, May 16, 2013


Yes, it is Kannada and NOT Kannad!! I have no idea why people conveniently miss the last "a". 

Staying in Bangalore makes me happy because a lot of people speak in Kannada. It feels like home. It for sure is a bliss, as I have been away from home since almost 5 years.I am getting used to understanding Bengaluru Kannada as mine has a "slight" gult influence. My colleagues would definitely frown at the "slight" aspect though.
I felt shy to speak in Kannada with people in insti because I thought the slang was different etc. I have overcome that and it feels so natural now. I am thankful to my friends* for that. I feel like a local to some extent and easily converse with auto guys or shop uncles. Talking of auto uncles, the mere thought of taking an auto was a nightmare in Chennai and life is peaceful here because there is a meter in every auto and it works! =)

*friends= fellow Embracers :) 

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