Saturday, September 1, 2012

You don't have to like everything you take up!

I joined Hapkido classes 2 weeks back. I somehow found myself uninterested in it as time passed. I spoke to my mom. She just had one thing to say," Do what interests you. It is not necessary to like everything one takes up. Sometimes there is no choice. But here you have other options". My goal was to shed all those extra kilos so that I can run better. Well, there are more ways to do that and I finally decided to choose something else. I just need some more time maybe to get over the feeling that I quit something. I am happy that the 2 weeks were demo classes and people were allowed to give it a try with no compulsion of continuing. I just did not think I would fall in that category. Hopefully, there are better things in store for me. :)
I was thinking about how people would react. Blah! Life is a lot about just moving on. I will update you with some better stuff the next time. Have a nice weekend!


  1. Finally, a post with just one emoticon!

  2. @ Rudra: :p :p :D :) Compensation!
    @Choos Lee: Thanks for taking the time to create a fake account to comment here.
    I did not give up and I know that.