Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The summer internship which made sense

The summer internship after my second year did not make much sense to me as I was not assigned any project in particular. The output was good though :) A collection of 50+ sketches.

Then I decided that I must do something else next summer. I was lucky to find a teaching related internship. 

The above link would give you a glimpse of the amazing experience I had.
Well, I happened to show the Duke TiP Book to two of my professors and they were pretty impressed. (Doesn't mean I will get good grades) 

I hope more such programs happen in India. It would give a lot of exposure to the kids. Ha! I can not stop talking about what happened this summer. So let me end it here. This is getting random. You might as well take a hint that I am in good spirits today!

On a totally different note, I was just happy that whatever I teach can make sense to people. 
So, I am once again on the thinking mode about my future. Primary education needs a lot of attention and I think I will work for that. Rest in next.

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