Friday, September 28, 2012

The running fever

Just like many others, I began jogging(walking?) to lose weight. Running a kilometer would be a big deal. I have the best faculty advisor(SJS) anyone can ever have. He motivated us to start training for an upcoming event. Somehow I saw myself signing up for the Marg Chennai Runners for a 10k, Nov6th 2011. And thus began 2 or 3 jogs a week. The highest I had run-walked till I went to the start line was around 4km. My friends, Keerthana, Tejaswi and Sharath were there with me at the start line and the atmosphere was all charged up. It was in our beautiful campus. It was just awesome. For the first time I was witnessing a race. Old ladies were walking at great speeds with so much enthu. Half marathon guys were amazingly fast. The volunteers and the runners were cheering us whenever they could. And within, 1 hour 35 minutes, I saw myself at the finish line. A cute li'l girl gave me a medal. :')
Thus began the journey. I signed up on Dailymile, a site to keep track of your workouts. There were(still are) Saturday runs in the campus. Thanks to Adhokshaj, Shankar sir and Preeti.
This August, I started running on a li'l serious note. Suddenly I noticed, my pace was way better than what it used to be. It kept motivating me. I logged around 14k a week. Stretched and did some workouts.
One day, my brother, the famous Rudra, suggested that I should keep pushing my limits. "Run a little more each day and unknowingly you will find a new threshold." The very next day, I did a 7.2k and was so so high(Runners high). I love that feeling. I feel high after every run. I tell myself that each run has to be better than the previous one. Credits to Manivannan(who motivates me a lot) for that chain of thought.
Well, obviously there are highs and lows. A weekend filled with junk would bring down my pace. My flat foot would ache sometimes. I did a lot of reading. I love reading. I am not a great runner. I know that. But I am happy with my progress. I feel restless if I don't run for 2 days. It is now a whole new world where I am finding my way through my slow progress.
My parents are still surprised with this new "hobby".
Crazily, I have signed up for a 10k in Mysore. Oct 7th is the date. It happens to be my dad's birthday and the run would be my gift to him. (He doesn't get the funda though).
Still fingers crossed for Dec 2nd, TWCM where I am planning to do my first half marathon.
Running has brought so many changes in me. I feel  Just a suggestion: Try jogging. Leg pains etc are common. It is a sign of laziness leaving the body. Lot of benefits otherwise.

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