Saturday, August 23, 2014


Work life is so different compared to college. Everything changes. There are some things I have learnt and experienced. I thought I would just pen down some of them. Well, whatever comes to my mind right now. Not necessarily in the order of priority.

With the placement season starting in college, people display their sudden new found interests in "supply chain" or "manufacturing" or analytics" or "consulting". Yeah, THAT phase. I have been through that at various points. Now when I look back, it does seem silly. The choices that we make are largely influenced by people we interact with.

Assume you did not know anyone in this world. You are just this entity. You don't have anyone that you need to impress. You don't have to prove a point to someone. Would you still be making these choices? Is it money? Is it the "so-called" fame or elitism or is it true passion? Is it something that excites you?
This is a tough exercise. You might feel naked and exposed to yourself. The best way to move forward is to embrace it and know who you are. Exploring new arenas is a lot of fun. We all have those doubts in our minds about the choices that we make.

How do you know if you are really passionate about something? How would you know if it is something that you want to explore? Did you read about something which inspired you? Did you talk to people in that field as a result of this? Next up- Did you ponder why exactly this interests you? And you have awesome reasons? Wow! Did you put yourself in the shoes of someone in this field? Did you try anything to mimic it? Kudos. Well, not all are lucky enough to find their passion in their early 20s, be it career-wise or partner-wise!

I find myself enthused about a lot of things. But I have also observed that my interest levels die down exponentially at times. It is extremely discomforting to accept this. It happens sometimes when I try exploring new things. It is so exciting to be able to play a guitar, for example. I went ahead and borrowed one. It was just there in my room for a while before I returned it. I returned it and gave myself a lot of reasons on why I did that. I gave those reasons to myself and to people around me. Justifications.
I personally feel that we do get carried away by what others have done. Follow people you admire and see where life has taken them.

Whatsup in Bangalore? In the past 6 weeks, I have attended a "Jugaadathon". I am currently attending an IoT Hackathon. Both in the domain of healthcare. I am doing couple of online courses to pick up new skills. I am meeting new people and venturing into new ideas. I have continued running by finding a group in my area. But I have also spent lazy weekends watching House, once again. By just munching on food and watching more House episodes.

Exposing yourself to a lot of things is one way to go about finding what works for you. Interacting with people about their ideas fills you with so much energy and also does restore some hope in humanity and this world.
I am exploring. It gives me that kick to drag me out of my bed. People are awesome. They do such amazing things with so much passion and a smile on their face. Miles to go, glad to be moving and resting when tired.

Please let me know how you found your passion. Would love to listen to your stories!


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  2. I found my passion or I should rather say in process of finding and materializing my passion when I saw a little girl about 5-6 years ( a street child) eating a crumbled, walked over and dusty piece of bread from the road when I was out researching on Street children and their social problems. made me remember Gandhi's statement "whenever you are in doubt, just remember the face of the most hungry, most powerless and most suffering person you crossed on road and then think that whatever you are doing will it be making a difference for him? (or her) If it does go ahead and do it and if it does not, then well you should think of something else to do" [pretty much made this last line :) but you get the idea] Guess we should do something in whatever little time we have been allotted in this world and change life of these children also, there may be another Einstein Edison CV Raman or next Steve Jobs in them but they never got the chance to see the light in their life.