Saturday, July 5, 2014

TCS 10k 2014

Where I lost myself, once again..

It all started with a ping couple of months ago. And I was just reminded of the amazing Bangalore climate. I told myself last year that I would do the 10k again in 2014. Well, I hope to do it every single year when I am in India. I went ahead and registered for the TCS10k after a tiring process of uploading photo and id etc.
Having gotten used to the usual stares from people when I told them I was travelling 300km for a 10km run, I started putting in more training miles (I count in kilometres though). Gradually the pace improved. I once did a sub 6:00 min/km 5.6km run too! The barefoot transition was working well for me. Stares and questions and “advice” from people? A lot. All set, I left for Bangalore by our dear KSRTC bus service.
Saturday. The race expo was at Kanteerava Stadium. Just across the road where I stayed for close to 6 months. Egg factory and a boring movie followed. It was fun. I was with friends. I had trained for the run to an okay extent(compared to earlier ones). Definitely not even close to my best. I recently started doing “intervals”. They are very addictive! The high I get after a kick ass run is nothing compared to all those shots of Tequila. I am glad I got a couple of them in those 2 weeks leading up to the event.

Says my dailymile log. Happy for 2014. ^_^
This was my first “official” barefoot run. On the roads of a new city. I was very apprehensive about it. Thanks to a Bangalore Barefoot runner, he assured me that the road would be fine. I just had to focus a bit to not get stomped by the heavy runners. I decided to wear a bright green T shirt to be noticeable. Well, to get some photos clicked as well!
Saturday night. Curd rice as dinner. It rained. Power cut. Hardly slept. Slight pain in my legs due to all the walking. That was a bit weird though.

May 19th. Sunday Morning! Race day! Walked to the stadium. Looong queues. Really long. At 6:10 am, I was still outside the stadium, trying to get in. And there I was. In section E. Stretching a bit. Once the gates opened, people just hurried with loud cheers. The atmosphere was very energetic! I wasn’t running with anyone in particular. I decided to pace myself and just soak in the city.

Just after 300m or so, I spotted the 75 minute pacer. We chatted quite a bit. He told me to just run with him and he would take care of my target (~70 min). He told me where to slow down a bit and kept encouraging me all throughout! Wow indeed. This was the first time someone was pacing me and I just loved the experience. I saw a couple of barefoot runners. Maybe 3-4. Some asked me questions about the absence of my shoes. The ups and downs on the route. Nothing like those flat roads on campus. Once we entered Cubbon park, I knew I was close to the finish line. I just didn’t accelerate much until I was just 200m away from the finish. I was trying to conserve my energy? I don’t know why. I could have accelerated earlier. Lesson learnt.

I felt that the run ‘ended’ very soon. I got my Personal Best. 67 minutes! It was amazing. I felt accomplished. It gave me confidence for the upcoming half marathon. I have miles to go. But this has definitely boosted my confidence. I am thankful to a lot of people for having made this possible. To my lovely host, to the pacer, my co-runner (who also got a PB), Gumps, insti (people and roads) and obviously, friends and family.

P.S- I would definitely want to pace someone, if they allow me to. Someday, I will. ☺
After the run. I love that T shirt! 

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