Wednesday, October 30, 2013

For there have been such days, weeks and months..

There seem to be a zillion thoughts in my head, well, a bit less maybe. But you get it. I am feeling restless. I want to do a million things but I have ended up not doing anything since some hours.
I feel like running away probably. Not literally. Backpacking. To some lonely place. Maybe with a couple of people. Yes, you know what I mean. And enjoy the noisy nature with spaced silences.
Staring at the distant trees with similar thoughts in head.

I keep thinking about life after passing out from college. What is it that I want? Why is it so confusing? Will I still be able to run when in the evenings? Can I ping anyone anytime?
I just go and knock on her door at probably 3 in the night at times. Will I be able to do that? Who would be living there? How much would I miss things.. What things.. I do not know..
Bucket lists before passing out of insti. How much sense do they make? Are they momentary pleasures or would they take shape of unfulfilled desires and regrets?
This too shall pass they say.

Imagining that there would definitely be a day when we would no longer be talking is such a painful thing. But I know, there will be such a day. For there have been such days, weeks and months..

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