Monday, November 25, 2013

Trip to the artists' village

Cholamandal Artists' Village(Chennai) screens a documentary twice a month. My friends who are on their mailing list have been wanting to go and they keep informing me. But every other time, thanks to the pre- placement sem(or pre final sem, whatever you wish to call it), we missed it. Finally, we decided to go there last Friday. Just 8 days to go for placements. I took the call and went. And I don't think I will ever regret that.

First of all, the weather was pleasant though the roads were all muddy and slushy. Yuck, I know. We reached there a bit in advance to check out the art gallery. The last time I ever went to an art gallery was 5 years back. Ahh, it was nice. The creamish yellow lights and the wooden frames. The occasional titles, the flooring, the clean flooring.

I enquired if there were any shows etc, as if I would go again. But just the feel of talking to a gallery person made my day. Nostalgia, perhaps. As we waited outside, for the movie to be screened, I sat and ate the awesome home made potato bonda. People, different people started pouring in and we were the youngest of the lot.As the movie was about to start, there was this lady who rung a bell as a sign. She gave an intro about Mark Rothko and the documentary began.
And moments later, I just lost myself. My thoughts were just floating all over. I was so much in sync with my soul. That is not something that happens everyday. Maybe it was the art or the background music or the space and time. Whatever, for once, I will not be an engineer doing an RCA to figure out the reason.

It is a nice tiny place on the ECR. With sculptures and an art gallery. And nice, friendly people.

You can know more about Mark Rothko and his paintings on the internet. That would do more justice than me, I am sure. Very interesting stuff.

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