Saturday, December 29, 2012

Goals for 2013

Goals, or rather things I want to do. Not resolutions as such, which tend to increase stress levels. 
I am going to keep in mind the hyped up placements, preparation, CAT, TA work, courses etc. This time it is going to be a lot about balance, spending time in activities which I love, and yes, a break from the innumerable series that I watch. Well, not a complete stop to the series. That would be insane. 
I am pretty excited about going to Bengaluru for 6 months. Maybe I can refine the way I speak Kannada. I have heard a lot about the place, would like to explore and visit a few places. (@wingies-plan the weekends!) 
I plan to run 500 km, that comes to like 10km per week, which is generous. Without the injury, I managed to do 20k in some weeks. (Only run, not run walk)
I want to read 15 books. Reading Challenge 2013. Just like last year. This time I will write the reviews. Coming to writing, around 40 blog posts would be my target. 
I want to volunteer for an NGO, hit the gym, relearn swimming(I know there is no such thing, but yes), lose the fear of riding a bicycle on the main road(gives me heart attacks!).
I hope I can accomplish them. The regular stuff is always there, grow as a person, try not to bother about simple things, minimise expectations(from everyone, everything)

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