Sunday, November 11, 2012

Reading Challenge 2012

Challenges! I try to challenge myself every now and then to keep myself occupied.
I came across Reading Challenge 2012 in September. Although pretty late, I signed for it. 12 books by December end. I am halfway through already. I am currently reading autobiographies or books mostly related to sports. They never cease to inspire me.
The following are the books I have read so far:
Open(Andre Agassi)
It's not about the bike, Every second counts (Lance Armstrong)
Turning points (APJ)
The white tiger (Arvind Adiga)
What I talk about when I talk about running (Harki Murakami)

I will be heading to Amdavad for 1 month, the early morning after TWCM!.
Hoping to complete the challenge in December.

P.S: Currently, I am in awe of Anu Vaidyanathan and Ann Trason.
Also, Happy Diwali! Have a joyous, bright, Crackerfree Diwali :)

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