Friday, November 13, 2015

Light(e)ning event

It so happened that I was walking back home and I got struck by lightning. Or the remnants of a lightning. My umbrella sparked. I screamed and rushed to the side of the road. As I waited for the rain to subside, which never happened, I just thought about what happened. The sound, the scream,  the spark. I tweeted about this because I thought this was so cool!

Meanwhile, as I continued my wait, I saw a kid trying to extend his hand out to check if it was raining. His dad yelled at him for doing that! According to the dad, the kid could have just looked at the road, and seen the rain drops falling, bouncing, or whatever. And there was another instance where the dad yelled at the kid for trying to be experimentative. While I controlled my views about this kid's dad's behaviour, I decided to walk home. I thought about the physics. I thought Benjamin Franklin. I also thought about the need to have plastic  wood umbrellas...

I walked home. Looked it up on the internet, if such things occur. Apparently, yes.

I then told this to some friends and some of them suggested that I should start experimenting if I have acquired any super powers. This blog post is to report that no super powers have yet been discovered. Maybe I already have some. (Yes, I agree we all have our own super powers). Anyway, what are some super powers that I should test myself for?

"Kuch na kuch toh hote hi rehta hai tere saath", as said by my dear friend Ruju.

"Yes amma, I am alive. No, my height hasn't reduced"

"Okay, but in exchange I get to take you to the ceiling and throw you off to see if you can fly", another friend. Oh god!

Me: "My umbrella sparked"
Asid: "Haha. New souvenir"

"You qualify now! Quit your job right away, I say : P"
- sent by my dear Bhuv

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