Saturday, September 20, 2014

99 days

So I decided to sketch and ramble for 99 days. This is my attempt to get back to good old hobby- painting.

I have put up all my sketches here-
Numbered them from 99 as reverse counting helps! :)

Most of them are directly drawn in my tiny book with a black pen. I spend around 3 minutes to sketch. Maybe some extra time on Picasa to crop, edit etc. They are inspired by things that happen during the day or random thoughts that tend to settle in my head. I intend to dedicate all these 99 to people. *Project under construction*
I hope to pick up some digital tools soon. Any suggestions/tutorials?

I am excited to take this up for October-
Time to get an ink pen and another sketch book as well! :) #Inktober

I have written stuff in Zimlog- My journal. (Zim Wiki is awesome!
Nothing great on this front. The usual "TIL" and "What-I-did-today" stuff. Hopefully this evolves into something better.

If you have any such ideas, let me know! Maybe we can collaborate.

Meanwhile, here is one such sketch-

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