Friday, December 27, 2013

Getting things done- follow up

 Some things that have worked really well for me, in 2013-
  • - Being a newbie, I took time to customize it and stuff. But now I can spend so much time seeing(and reading) articles, photos and interesting stuff.
  • Google calendar- Reminders for placements and stuff,for future events and birthday plans, sign in the dept, classes to attend and so on. 
  • Things to do- excel sheet and a to do list on phone- Long term, short term, BC work, personal, office stuff. Everything went there. And so much relief! Pulled off an entire(hectic) year with just this. The system needs more systematic rules and guidelines, but nevertheless, I got started. Here is a book which really helped me - Getting things done by David Allen . 
  • Labels- for GMail. It looks so much colourful now. 
  • Zim- Haven't used it much but seems as a good place to write stuff.
Thanks to multiple people who have introduced me to these things. Hope they work well for you. Any suggestions? How do you stay on track and get things done? 

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