Saturday, August 10, 2013

Miles to go..

Lot of people keep telling us the advantages of running. They tell how running has changed them, mentally and physically. They tell how good it feels. And so on. 

Two years back, I would have never believed that. I was diagnosed with thyroid. After some blood tests and boring visits to the hospital, I had the reports in my hand. My mom was trying to analyze them. The normal range was 0.3-3. Mine was 5 point something. I said, it is okay. Big deal. One tablet a day. I would fight with amma whenever she would tell me to exercise. 6 months later, another test revealed that that 5 point something was now 15 point something. It scared the hell out of me. My clothes soon started ditching me. People had their share of fun by commenting on my weight. I chose to ignore and tried to be happy. 

I felt lonely at one point, thanks to a few other events. I started walking in the evenings. Insti is so beautiful! I would jog a few metres when there wouldn't be anyone on the roads. I would feel so happy. It was my time. I would talk to my mom and bro on the phone and tell them how much I walked and how I used to take running breaks. I went to the stadium to run, thanks to rudra's suggestions. 1 round and I was done! Yes, 400m. I was very inconsistent. Somehow I managed to do 3 rounds (1.2k).

One fine day, my faculty advisor called us and told about a 10k in Nov 2011. They were having some training sessions on Saturdays. It was very inspiring to hear his half marathon stories.  Ran ~5k. Wait, I think we walked more than we ran. Before I could finish a kilometre, I was already walking. So this whole run walk introduced me to the world of running. It was the first race of my life. Lot of people ran. We finally finished in around 90 minutes plus. Our friends couldn't believe we actually woke up early in the morning and ran. 
Next sem we were very inconsistent. We would run 2km. Yes, that's all. 
After summer 2012, Kay and I were very determined to run. Bought new shoes and tights and what not. I would say I was consistent for 2 months. I even registered for a 10k in Mysore, which got postponed and I had to cancel it, thanks to the political drama. Registered for TWCM2012. 
I was down with an injury. Randomly decided to do TWCM 2012 after collecting my bib. Finished in 74 minutes. Still can't believe that. Then came the Bangalore internship. I participated in 6 races this year so far. I did my maiden half marathon i.e, 21.1km. 
My thyroid levels are now normal and also, I seem to fit in my old clothes. Miles to go. :) 
I feel good. I have control over my short temper. I have cracked some assignments and puzzles while running. I have made new friends. It is my stress buster. I think I have found what they call as inner peace. I have become a better person, though I have a long way to go. I am still a newbie in the running world, every run is a learning.

A lot of us might have been there in the situations I have described above. I am not selling “running” as a sport here. I have never looked it as a sport. It can be that component which you feel might be missing in your life. It can push you to do those adventures. It will just bring a whole new perspective in your life. Participating in runs is fun. You meet new people. You hear very inspiring stories. You get awesome medals! Not to mention, you get to run along with some hot guys. ;)
If you are studying at IITM, join me for a run in the evening! Would love to know more about you. 


  1. Good inspirational story..keep going..

  2. What am I going to say that the above junta haven't said? But "I have cracked some assignments and puzzles while running" just stole the spotlight! IMO. :) Good post!

  3. Hey this was really inspirational Bindu. Being an observant junior I could actually notice the change in your personality.

    Great going .Keep it up!

  4. Very inspirational Bindu..hope you keep running and keep in good health too