Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Well, interns are a fun experience and I am having loads of fun. :) Designing physics experiments, teaching a bunch of intelligent kids, talking to them when they are homesick, helping them build catapults, popsicle bridges is simply awesome \m/
I am a teaching assistant(TA) for the course- Design Challenges: Physics and Engineering. My students are class 8 kids.  Instructor is a stud prof from Duke University. It is a summer studies program for 3 weeks. :)
Location: Infosys campus, Mysore.

  • People come to conclusions so easily. A lot of us do. Being on the receiving end is irritating. I hate it when some person just randomly says: IITians are like this etc etc.. x-(
    Well, I can get back and make my point. But I somehow feel that ignorance can't be cured!
  • Assuming things is what many of us do so many times. We never realise how we might be hurting someone with that. 
  • Sarcasm is not good if you are not with your close friends.
  • When someone is your enemy, whatever they do looks like a mistake. Everything is mocked at. Irrespective of the fact that you might be doing the same things :P 
It also feels great to be told by people that I am very patient, understanding etc. The best thing someone said was that if they had a teacher like me, they would not have hated maths as much :D


  1. Hey, great to see that you are having some insightful experiences along with fun at Mysore. :)
    Some experiences let you discover a part of yourself. This one seems like one of those.
    Have fun and take care. :)

  2. Thanks a lot! :) Will sure do so!